Gospel of Thomas Meditation

You take your first breath in this dream.

People rush from place to place. 
Everybody seeks more of everything, 
always rushing, never enough time.

Occasionally you bump into a kind man, a gentle man, 
He asks you to wake, you don’t hear, you are too busy.

Sometimes He is an old woman in a grocery store 
smelling the sweet perfume of a new season mango 
Sometimes He is the friend that comes to your home
when you have been unwell, 
Sometimes He is the child you observe on a swing,
giggling at the birds as they fly by, 
Sometimes He is the baby you watch in its bed
that smiles for no apparent reason, 
Sometimes He is the colleague who gives you a warm hug
when you need one the most.

Imagine…..this world.

Imagine being born into this dream.

People starve while others destroy excess food crops
because it is not profitable to give them away.

People commit acts of extreme violence
because they want pieces of ephemeral land.

Imagine……this world.

Imagine the gentle man who so often asks you to wake up,
but you ignore Him, because you are too busy, too tired, 

too obsessed with whatever it is you need to do,
have, achieve, get to, complete on time.

Imagine that one day 
the dream you walk around in becomes too much for you.

You stop.

He asks you – ‘What do you want?’
You say – ‘I want to know, I want to stop, I want to see’

You open your eyes…for the first time

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